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Bank foreign currency exchange rates

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The date & time now is 2020-09-20 17:47:29 UTC. All times are expressed in UTC.
For approximate ATM rates, select the TT currency type. See also Mastercard rates, Visa USA rates and Visa Europe rates.
Currently this web site covers banks in Thailand. Banks in other countries may be covered in future if there is enough demand.
Some non-bank money exchangers have been included for comparison purposes and to help those who wish to exchange foreign currency notes.
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SIA Money ExchangeThailand2020-09-19 02:35USD100-50THB31.0731.070.032185Chart
Vasu ExchangeThailand2020-09-19 02:58USD100THB31.0331.030.032227Chart
Super Rich (Ratchadamri) Thailand2020-09-18 18:56USD100THB31.0331.030.032227Chart
Vasu ExchangeThailand2020-09-19 02:58USD50THB31310.032258Chart
Super Rich (Ratchadamri) Thailand2020-09-18 18:56USD50THB30.9830.980.032279Chart
SIA Money ExchangeThailand2020-09-19 02:35USD20-5THB30.9230.920.032342Chart
Vasu ExchangeThailand2020-09-19 02:58USD5-20THB30.930.90.032362Chart
Super Rich (Ratchadamri) Thailand2020-09-18 18:56USD20-10THB30.8830.880.032383Chart
TMBThailand2020-09-18 09:506USD50-100THB30.8130.810.032457Chart
Super Rich (Ratchadamri) Thailand2020-09-18 18:56USD5THB30.7830.780.032489Chart
Bank of AyudhyaThailand2020-09-18 01:151USD50-100THB30.7330.730.032541Chart
Krung Thai BankThailand2020-09-18 09:587USD50-100THB30.730.70.032573Chart
Siam Commercial BankThailand2020-09-18 10:31USD50THB30.6830.680.032595Chart
Kasikorn BankThailand2020-09-18 09:529USD50-100THB30.6830.680.032595Chart
Government Savings BankThailand2020-09-18 08:584USD50-100THB30.6730.670.032605Chart
Bangkok BankThailand2020-09-18 08:402USD50THB30.5930.590.03269Chart
SIA Money ExchangeThailand2020-09-19 02:35USD1THB30.4730.470.032819Chart
TMBThailand2020-09-18 09:506USD5-20THB30.4630.460.03283Chart
Super Rich (Ratchadamri) Thailand2020-09-18 18:56USD2-1THB30.4330.430.032862Chart
Bank of AyudhyaThailand2020-09-18 01:151USD5-20THB30.4130.410.032884Chart
Vasu ExchangeThailand2020-09-19 02:58USD1-2THB30.430.40.032895Chart
Krung Thai BankThailand2020-09-18 09:587USD5-20THB30.330.30.033003Chart
Government Savings BankThailand2020-09-18 08:584USD5-20THB30.2830.280.033025Chart
Kasikorn BankThailand2020-09-18 09:529USD5-20THB30.2130.210.033102Chart
Siam Commercial BankThailand2020-09-18 10:31USD5THB30.230.20.033113Chart
Bangkok BankThailand2020-09-18 08:402USD5THB30.1330.130.03319Chart
TMBThailand2020-09-18 09:506USD1-2THB30.0730.070.033256Chart
Bank of AyudhyaThailand2020-09-18 01:151USD1-2THB30.0130.010.033322Chart
Krung Thai BankThailand2020-09-18 09:587USD1-2THB29.929.90.033445Chart
Government Savings BankThailand2020-09-18 08:584USD1-2THB29.8929.890.033456Chart
Kasikorn BankThailand2020-09-18 09:529USD1-2THB29.8629.860.03349Chart
Siam Commercial BankThailand2020-09-18 10:31USD1THB29.8429.840.033512Chart
Bangkok BankThailand2020-09-18 08:402USD1THB29.7829.780.03358Chart
Percentage difference between minimum and maximum exchange rates above = 4.33%
Average bank exchange rate from data above: 1 USD = 30.4875758 THB

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About this web site

This site was created to save you money by allowing you to easily compare the current foreign exchange rates at various banks. Simply choosing to exchange money at the bank with the best rate can save you a substantial amount, especially if you convert a large amount and especially when converting from some currencies such as the Korean Won (KRW), Chinese Yuan (CNY) and Indian Rupee (INR).

A secondary goal is to increase competition amongst the banks such that the exchange rates will improve for everyone.

The rates are checked every 10 minutes, so you can see which banks have the highest rates at any particular time of day.

These are the actual rates that you'd get if you were to exchange currency at the bank, and would be different to the interbank currency market exchange rates that you'd find on other sites. These retail rates are more relevant to travelers, foreigners or small to medium sized businesses who need to convert relatively small amounts of money (usually in the form of physical notes or electronically through an ATM), whereas interbank exchange rates are more relevant to financial market professionals who trade currencies in large volume for profit or hedging.

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